Monday, June 18, 2007

Stratford Festival

We went to the Stratford Festival yesterday, with the kids and Todd's parents, to see Oklahoma. We all enjoyed it very much. I'm not the biggest fan of musicals, but I've liked every one I've seen at the Stratford Festival over the years, mainly because the production, choreography and acting are always first-rate.

I've been going to the Stratford Festival faithfully for the past 25 years and try to attend two or three shows each summer. There was a gap of a few years when I did not go to any show; ironically, it was when Todd and I actually lived in Stratford. Once we moved away, the theatre's appeal returned. Memorable performances for me have included Hamlet, A Man for All Seasons, The Glass Menagerie (twice!), and Death of a Salesman (with Al Waxman and Martha Henry).

If you ever visit Stratford, be sure to check out my favourite places: Rheo Thompson chocolates, Bentley's (one of the few pubs in this area that feature both good beer and great food), and Family & Company (an incredibly fun toy store).

Kate dressed up for the outing. The lacy white dress gives the image of youthful innocence, and a hint of a delicate, ethereal nature. However, the orange crocs totally give her away. Yup , Kate is most certainly an orange-crocs kind of girl.

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