Saturday, June 30, 2007

Deacon Blues

I was in our local Long & McQuade (a musical instrument store) buying music books for the kids when a guy walks in and starts playing Steely Dan's Deacon Blues on one of the pianos. It reminded me of an essay I found on the Web a few years back (which unfortunately, I can't locate anymore), in which the author claims that this is the greatest pop song ever written. I wouldn't necessarily go that far, but the author did put forth persuasive arguments.

So this week I dug out an old Steely Dan CD and have been listening to it in the car, despite protests from the kids who'd rather hear something from the current decade. Todd also likes Steely Dan and, in the past, has learned some of their songs. It sounds great when he plays them, but we really could use a horn player in the house too .... Anyhow, here are my 5 favourite Steely Dan songs, not necessarily in order:

  • Deacon Blues
  • Hey Nineteen
  • Dr. Wu
  • Peg
  • Kid Charlemagne

1 comment:

stratoblaster said...

The (wanna-be) guitarist's ranking:

It's all about the solo!

Kid Charlemagne had Larry Carlton ( on guitar ... a classic solo in the annals of guitardom. #1 for sure.

Peg has a nice, off-kilter solo by Jay Graydon (, a highly underrated guitarist. #2 material all the way.

... and let's not forget Josie with Larry Carlton contributing another classic solo. A solid #3.