Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

I'm not good at writing poignant, meaningful prose, so I'll just include a link to a terrific article. This was written by Ian Brown of the Globe and Mail a few years back, and it describes a trip to the spa with his father and captures very well the essence of Father's Day. Here are a few of my favourite pictures of the fathers in our family.

Todd at the Halifax Ale House, enjoying his favourite drink.

Todd and Julia, in a happy moment.

John, with Marilyn and Todd, in Montreal for my parents' 40th anniversary celebration.

My father with Kate in 2003, and the scrapbook page it inspired.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paulina, Todd, Julia, Kate,
How are you all?
Happy Father's Day Todd.
Happy Belated Birthday Paulina. I hit 40 before you did and I know how it feels. How nice of your family and friends celebrating this special day with you.
It seems like yesterday that we had that China trip. I still look at those pictures from our trip and ponder on some good memories.
I hope all of you could join us to Asia in October. Hopefully we'll be seeing Joe and his family again in Singapore. Take care.
Antonio HWK