Sunday, August 26, 2007

Trains and Stations

We've been taking trains everywhere, and even though the locals occasionally complain about the service, it is wonderful compared to train service in Canada. I love riding on trains, but even hanging out at the stations is fun, as long as the wait is not too long.
This morning, we left from Reading Station, and it was packed with teenagers heading to the Reading Festival. This is a music festival where hordes of people camp out in muddy fields, and the fields were muddier than usual this year as a result of the recent floods. The look for young women seemed to be T-shirt, mini-skirt and Wellingtons in all colours and patterns. Julia seemed rather envious of the Wellies; it is hard to get fashionable rainboots back home.
When we arrived at Paddington Station, we finally got to experience YO! Sushi. This is a chain of Japanese restaurants where a variety of prepared items go past you on a conveyor belt and you select what appeals. The dishes, which are colour-coded according to price, are counted at the end. The idea, not unlike Chinese dim-sum, is fabulous and I so wish we had such restaurants back home, though I'd also prefer to pay the prices the sushi restaurants charge at home. This photo shows Kate and Julia enjoying lunch at the counter.

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