Tuesday, August 7, 2007

An Afternoon at the Park

Our weekends had been so busy lately that we hadn't had much time to enjoy the simple things, like an afternoon at the park. So on Sunday, I suggested the outing to Kate. She happily agreed but insisted on doing it right, with a picnic lunch. I packed up food and drinks, and she very carefully chose the perfect tablecloth for the picnic table.

Julia is away at camp again, so it was just the three of us. We had perfect weather -- it was the one pleasant non-humid day this past week. Kate had a great time on the playground. Todd raced her up the climbing ropes but I chose to be photographer instead. We then went for a leisurely walk around the park which ultimately ended with a giant Freezie for Kate (Todd's doing, of course).

It was a lovely day, made even better afterwards when Todd cooked cedar-plank salmon on the BBQ for us. I enjoyed the moments, knowing that there aren't too many lazy Sundays left to us this summer.

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