Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Craft Update - August 12

I really detest the finishing work associated with knitting a sweater, but I forced myself to do it this week, and my sweater is now done! This is a design by Louisa Harding that uses her Kimono Angora yarn, and it took between 40 and 50 hours to complete. Julia took the photo.


Jill said...

It looks great!!! Are you happy with it?

I just noticed, on your description of yourself, you didn't list wife! Hmm, don't tell Todd. ;-)

Kirsten's Blog said...

Beautiful sweater...I just love the colours!

Paulina said...

Thanks for the nice comments, Jill and Kirsten. To answer your question, Jill: yes, I am happy with the sweater. I had to make some minor adjustments for sizing, and I am relieved they turned out OK.

BTW, Todd says he doesn't mind that I didn't list "wife" in my profile. He doesn't call himself "husband of Paulina" either. :-)