Saturday, August 11, 2007

Kitchen Help

Good help in the kitchen is hard to find, or so Todd thought until recently. I cook on weekdays, but "cooking" usually means rushing a meal (often leftovers) to the table in 15-20 minutes so that we can make it to a skating or music lesson in time. Unlike my brother Joe, I did not inherit my parents' passion and talent for cooking, though I do enjoy eating good food and am occasionally opinionated about how things ought to be prepared (well, no more opinionated than I am about other matters).

Todd, on the other hand, loves cooking and makes very good meals that can frequently be labelled "gourmet". Lately, Julia has been helping out with weekend meals, which means that I no longer have to play the role of reluctant sous-chef. (I am still on dishwashing duty, unfortunately.) Julia makes a very good cucumber-and-tomato salad, which we enjoy regularly these days as the vegetables are in season. I still have to convince her to use my lemon tomatoes, which have just started to ripen in our garden. Today, she looked at the yellow tomatoes suspiciously and then rejected them outright. I didn't try to change her mind. In our house, we live by the rule, "If you don't cook, you don't complain!"

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