Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rangers Game

On Friday, we attended the Kitchener Rangers' final home game of the season. The Youth Orchestra had recorded O Canada last month, and the orchestra members were invited to stand on the ice and sing, with Paul Pulford, the conductor of the senior orchestra division, leading the group. Unfortunately, this being March Break, only a fraction of the members showed up, but they didn't lack enthusiasm! There was no lack of enthusiasm among the 6500+ fans either, as the Rangers went on to attain a franchise record of 53 wins for the season.

This was the first Rangers game that we'd ever attended. Indeed, it was the first hockey game I'd ever attended, which might seem surprising, as I grew up watching "Hockey Night in Canada" with my father every Saturday for years. I can still recite the names and numbers of half the Montreal Canadiens members that played in the 70's. That was in the old days, when a player could spend his entire career with one franchise. I've lost interest in watching professional hockey in the past decade but had a terrific time at the Rangers game ... and it was pretty cool to see my kid at centre ice!

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