Monday, March 3, 2008

The First Month

Julia has been at her new school for a month now and it has been successful so far. Here's a photo of our lovely lady looking very prim and proper in her uniform.

Switching to a private school has been an adjustment for all of us. A life-long supporter of public education and health-care, I've had to put my principles aside, as Julia's former school was just not a good fit for her.

There are lots of things that Julia tells me she likes about her school: the smaller class size, the great facilities, the excellent teachers, and the fact that she can use her iPod while working on her art projects in class. (What??!!) She is not so keen on the earlier start to the day and the longer commute but has gotten used to it.

I love the fact that the teachers communicate with me on a regular basis. All the assignment and test schedules and outlines are available on-line and they e-mail me any important announcements. Now that's progress! The only thing I dislike is the large number of "snow days". As it's situated in a rural area, the school closes every time bad weather strikes. If any of you know how to keep a teen occupied all day with minimal reliance on electronics, please leave a comment.


Jill said...

hmm, how to keep Jules occupied without electronics?
- cleaning?
- piano practice?
- homework?

Just kidding Julia!! Read books. Knit / cross-stitch / draw / whatever!


Kimberly said...

Great ideas Jill!!

How about yoga, writng music - if she writes a simply piece even i will trying playing it!! Write some poetry... And sorry Julia I've seen your room, snow days are great for getting organized!! kimberly

Julia said...

im not good at keeping organized