Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Craft Update - March 16

I'm still working on that sweater for Todd. Got both sleeves and half the body finished. However, another request has come in. Julia wants another pair of leg warmers. Unbelievably, these are still in fashion. After the Flashdance-inspired craze of the 80's (yes, I owned a pair myself, in a gross burgundy colour, and proudly wore them over my Sergio Valente jeans), they came back into fashion a couple of years ago. At that time, I made a pair for Julia, expecting the trend to die a quick merciful death, under the assumption that we women are wiser in the 2000's (noughties?) than we were in the 80's. However, they are still making their appearance, though possibly only in knitting magazines. Knitters loved the re-emergence of leg-warmers, as these were easy to knit, almost impossible to mess up, and could be created with any fibre, colour or pattern. So here I go again, with another set ....

I created a few more digital layouts the past couple of weeks, including more on the 2006 China trip. Todd took so many photos that it's going to take some time to get through all of them. Rather than post one of the recent ones, I've included here one of my favourites that I'd created a few months ago.

Layout credits: Papers from "The New Black" paper pack by Katie Pertiet and "Little Black Dress" paper pack by Kellie Mize. Title from "Wild Flowers Alpha" by Jesse Edwards. Accents from "Epoxy Extravaganza" by Pattie Knox. Materials from

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