Friday, February 8, 2008

O Canada!

Kate is really enjoying playing in the Youth Strings junior orchestra group. At their first concert in December, her group joined the intermediate and senior orchestra groups to perform our national anthem. This performance was recorded and will be played at the opening of a Kitchener Rangers hockey game in March! Kate will even get the chance to go on the ice as the anthem is being played, but without her violin, as fragile musical instruments don't generally fare well at hockey arenas. What if a fight breaks out??

You can see the performance here. Unfortunately, it's hard to spot Kate, but if you look closely, you can get a glimpse of the top of her head around the 50-second mark.


Jill said...

It was great. Oliver says "thank you"!

Aunt Jill

Kate said...

I really, really liked how I played! If you're looking for me, I'm on the left half (left from the audience's view), near the front. I didn't know it sounded that good!