Saturday, December 8, 2007

Recital Videos

Jill asked, in a comment to the last blog post, whether we had any videos of Kate playing her violin. Luddites that we are, we've not gotten around to purchasing a video camera. However, our friend Chris took a video of Kate at her last recital and he put it up on YouTube here. There is also a video of Chris's very talented daughter Sara that you can find here. Sara is a good friend of Julia's and she also has the same violin teacher as Kate.

In other concert news, we attended Kate's big orchestra concert today, in the company of her Opa and Nana who came to town especially to see the performance. Her group, the junior division, played well, and we were all very proud to see her up on the big stage! The rest of the concert was terrific and included performances from the intermediate and senior-level orchestras. Sara played too, as she is part of the intermediate strings group. Now, Kate gets a nice long break from rehearsals and concerts until they start up again in January.

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Jill said...

I just listened to Kate's song. It was GREAT!!! My favorite part was the little trill part. I was thinking that's a nice sound, I wonder what is making it. And then I realized it was Kate!!