Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Vote for Pedro

We had two witches and Napoleon Dynamite at our house today. Todd decided to dress up for the Halloween rounds this year. Kate thought this was a great idea but Julia was appalled by the fact that some of her schoolmates actually recognized him. Todd graciously offered to lend me the costume but that wig just doesn't go with my colouring.

Our street was packed this year, thanks to the good weather and the neighbours down the street who, every year, set up an amazingly elaborate and spooky haunted house for all the kids to enjoy. Not having prepared adequately, I had to shamefacedly close our doors at 7:30pm, as we'd run out of candy after receiving over 150 trick-or-treaters. I really enjoyed seeing all the children's costumes. Kudos to the kid who dressed as a very realistic box of popcorn!

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Laura Zinn said...

The kid in the popcorn box really made the rounds! We saw it in our part of the neighbourhood, too!