Thursday, September 27, 2007

Settlers of Catan

I was away earlier in the week on a business trip and am finally getting time to write in the blog again. The highlight of the trip, apart from those very exciting meetings, was a 6-person Settlers of Catan game one evening with my colleagues. It was the first time I'd played the game with that many people and it was interesting to see how the dynamics changed with more players.

Jill and Joe introduced us to the game years ago when they lived in Toronto and we'd play when they came to visit us on weekends. Jill comes from a serious board-game-playing family. According to her, they play quickly and they really pay attention. I thought it was the greatest compliment when she finally said, "You'd be able to keep up with my family."

These days, we have the occasional game with Mark and Sharon. It's very popular with a number of people at work, and a few years ago, we even had a co-op student who was the reigning Settlers of Catan champion of Canada!

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