Thursday, July 26, 2007


My last layout, "Random Pieces of My Childhood", was scraplifted by Deanne. Scraplifting means to copy someone else's layout, while giving proper credit to the original designer, and it really is an honour to have one's layout scraplifted! Here's her version. Deanne also posted her layout on her scrapbooking blog, Sisterhood of Scrap, which is fun to read ... that is, if you're a scrapbooker. (Guitar-playing tube-amp builders may as well stop reading this post at this point.)

Here is another layout, done for this week's Scrapping Turtle challenge, which asked for a layout with stitching and a metallic item. See those wavy lines at the top? Yes, I really did use my sewing machine, and conveniently the safety pin was sitting on my sewing table. The patterned paper is from one of those gigantic Slab packs from Michael's and the cardstock stickers in the title were from a freebie sheet I got from SEI at the Buffalo convention. Todd took the terrific photo, catching Kate in mid-air. This was taken several years ago, but Kate still does a lot of jumping.


Mark Melvin said...

Thanks for the warning. I read to the end anyway...well...skimmed at least. ;)

Kirsten's Blog said...

What a great picture and layout! I can't help feel so behind in my scrapbooking!