Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Update

You might have noticed that there have been mostly knitting-related posts lately. Well, that's mainly because, for the past month, I'm been doing almost nothing but working and knitting, and there's not much exciting to tell about work on this blog. Fortunately, the big pressure at work will be off by Christmas time so I'll be able to enjoy the holidays with family!

However, life is going on for the rest of the family. Julia has been continuing with figure skating and the local track-and-field club this fall and is busily studying for her December exams. (She is sitting next to me right now, reviewing history notes on a Sunday morning.) She has been doing well in school and having fun with her friends too. She and a friend went to see Twilight yesterday and highly recommends it.

Kate got a brand new half-size violin earlier in the fall and is the midst of recital season now. She is with the junior division of the youth orchestra again. They participated in a fundraiser concert a couple of weeks ago and have their first major concert of the season next week. Last weekend, she played in a solo recital (Bach Gavottes from Suzuki Book 3) and just yesterday, she participated in her string school's Christmas concert. It seems like the violin is permanently attached to her these days!

Todd has been doing more business travel and playing guitar when he's at home. He took out this gigantic book of "Guitar Hero" sheet music from the library yesterday, perhaps in an attempt to lure Kate and Julia into his studio to play along with him. He still hopes Julia will get back to piano or keyboard sometime.

So life is good ... but busy, busy, busy!

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