Thursday, June 19, 2008

We miss them already

Joe and Jill stopped in Waterloo on their cross-Canada tour and stayed with us for an entire week. We'd always complained, on previous shorter visits, that there was never enough time to visit all the yarn shops and electronics stores, to play all the games we loved, to relax and have fun with the kids, or to enjoy cooking and eating together. I thought a week together would be wonderful, but now, I still feel as if we didn't have quite enough time!

We were very excited to meet Martin for the first time. He is ten months old now and seemed to be a happy and affectionate baby who was quite willing to be held by his cousins, aunt and uncle. We had a great time with big brother Oliver too, who especially enjoyed visiting the parks and playing with the Thomas train set.
All the kids kept us busy and entertained, but we managed to have some quieter times with Joe and Jill as well. This included a full day of visiting yarn shops (what better way to spend the day??), a couple of Settlers of Catan matches which Jill won (some things never change) and a nice dinner out at one of our favourite restaurants.

We'll be meeting up with them again in Montreal for my mother's 70th birthday celebration, and then we'll be looking forward to visiting them in Singapore, hopefully within the next year.

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