Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Mom at 70

My Mom, at 70, is doing very well and enjoying life at a relaxed pace. At least it is a relaxed pace for her, even if it is still frenetic for most people, including myself. She and my Dad still do some of the day-to-day work for their printing business, but they spend much of their time travelling, visiting friends and family, and working in their vegetable garden.

This past weekend, we flew to Montreal to celebrate Mom's 70th birthday. Joe and Jill were still in town, and it was great to have the whole family together. The weekend started with a visit to the cemetery on Mount Royal, where my grandparents, aunt and great-uncle are buried. We laid out all the food for offering but had to move the picnic off-site on account of the ravenous ants. Later that evening, a good number of our cousins and close family friends joined us for a banquet dinner. I was especially pleased to see my 93-year-old great-aunt in good health and good spirits that evening. It made me realize that my Mom is really just a youngster, with many good years still to come!

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