Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Craft Update - February 22

I've been knitting like crazy, to keep up with my yarn purchases. Elann is still having incredible sell-offs of discontinued Needful Yarns stock. In a moment of madness, I bought three bags of Santa Ana, in the colours shown above. When I made my Siesta Blanket, Kate loved the Santa Ana so much that she begged for an afghan of her own using this yarn. So I am working on one now, using the purple and blue Santa Ana along with a bagful of Takhi Durango (also purchased from an Elann close-out sale) and some Elann Peruvian Highland Bulky wool.

One of my co-workers took 3 skeins of each colour off my hands, but that still leaves an awful lot of Santa Ana .... I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but at 12 USD for a bag of 10 skeins, it was impossible to resist. I'm itching to buy more too, as there are still bags in many colours available at Elann. This yarn is a mixture of nylon and real wool, not the plasticky "fun fur" stuff that's usually available. I'm thinking this would be great for making soft stuffed animals. I'd like to make a wrap or cardigan out of this too, but the trick is, as one Raveler put it, "to find a pattern that doesn't make you look like a Muppet when you wear the finished garment."


JP said...

You say "make you look like a Muppet" like its a bad thing. :D

Paulina said...

I do like Muppets. I just don't want to be mistaken for one.

Carol said...

Stopping by your blog to say hello (from DD). Another blog to enjoy knitting on. Yay!