Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Todd!

Todd is celebrating his birthday in Germany today, with Julia. The two of them went to celebrate his cousin's wedding. Unfortunately, because of work and other commitments, I had to stay at home, but Kate and I have had a fun week here together. Happily, Todd is spending his birthday enjoying good food and drink and surrounded by lots of extended family members. The photo above is from our visit to the Ex. At age 43, he's still young at heart!

Today's a special day for a couple more reasons. Joe and Jill are celebrating their anniversary today, and my friend Don, who was Todd's roommate way back in university residence, is a year older today too. Best wishes to all of you!


Mark Melvin said...

How come no one is in the passenger seat? ;)

Anonymous said...

No one wanted to ride with me ... something about previous experiences and bad driving :-)


Jill said...

Happy Birthday Todd!!! Have a beer on us!