Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back from Camp

Julia and Kate are home, after two weeks together at camp. We dropped them off on a Sunday morning at the designated meeting point, for the four-hour bus trip up North. The luggage was loaded, the goodbyes were said, and the kids were settled. We stood ready to smile and wave at the excited faces, in anticipation of the bus roaring off onto the highway. Instead, we heard the anti-climactic coughs and sputters of the bus as it tried desperately to match the energy level of the kids and get going that morning. By the time the driver requested a boost, the parents' faces were looking pretty long, and there was no shortage of volunteers. The parent with the biggest car got the privilege of boosting the bus, and finally it was moving. Relief all around. The only thing worse than seeing your kids leave for camp is to see them not leave for camp.

Todd and I, along with his parents, John and Marilyn, saw the girls mid-session on Visitor's Day. Julia and Kate were having a great time, despite a few minor disasters. ("Mom, I forgot to pack my hair straightener!!") Kate, the bookworm, finished all the books she'd brought in the first week but was relieved to find a little library at the camp. Julia, on the other hand, spent much of her free time playing on the sports fields and learning aquatic life-saving skills.

Todd and I enjoyed the quiet and (relative) cleanliness of the house, but truthfully, the house seemed too empty without the girls here. I was happy to see them back and after three days, I am almost finished with the laundry.

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