Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Craft Update - April 27

I'm in a knitting frenzy now, after having completed Todd's sweater. My favourite yarn shop has gone out of business, but I managed to stock up during its clearance sales before it closed. I bought a Needful Yarns blanket kit, shown above, and a bag full of Louisa Harding Flotsam yarn in a lovely sea-green colour to make myself a cardigan. Despite these great finds, at 50% off, it was a sad final visit to my favourite yarn shop. Actually, that was the penultimate visit, as two weeks later, Kate convinced me to pop in and buy some Sirdar purple-and-white variegated yarn to make her a cardigan. I've started the blanket and have finished two-thirds of Kate's cardigan. I intend to finish it within the next couple of weeks and I have the insane goal of completing my own cardigan in time for summer.

I'm also finishing up Jessica Sprague's Digi-in-Deep course. Like her other courses, this one has been terrific and I'm learning tons of new Photoshop techniques, but I'm struggling a bit to keep up. Will have some new layouts to post soon, I hope.


Jill said...

Is it Cloth and Clay in the mall that is going out of business? That's a real shame.

Paulina said...

Yes, it's Cloth and Clay. Very sad. I'll have to find another place to take you shopping when you visit.