Friday, January 4, 2008

A Blue Square, Finally

The weather was milder today and we had another day of excellent skiing at Tremblant. That's really Kate in the photo, under all the layers. Todd has been trying very hard to make a skier out of me, but Kate is even worse. Today, after accompanying me on green circle (easy) runs most of yesterday and all of this morning, she declared at lunchtime that she would no longer ski with me unless I attempted at least one blue square (intermediate) run.

So after lunch at the summit, which included a small glass of red wine that Todd insisted on giving me (not sure if this is good for skiing, but it does wonders for the nerves), I agreed to try a blue square trail. We went down the Tobaggan run on the Versant Sud side because Todd claimed the scenery was gorgeous. I was too terrified most of the time to notice, but I did make it all the way down, with only one minor spill.

Very proud of myself. But that's enough skiing for this vacation. Todd will probably ski again tomorrow (on the black diamond trails this time, without his family members slowing him down) but Kate, Julia and I plan to do the three S's, as Kate calls them: swimming, shopping and snacking. Then it's off to the airport and back home!

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